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DHCP ranges are 192.168.1.x - 192.168.2.x


* Members WiFi : HackOldham

* Password on discourse in the members area

* Guest WiFi :

* * SSID : Hackoldam Guest

* * Password : Handed out on individual slips

* * Password should change on a regular basis. Last updated (Jan/2017)


Reserved Static IPs

VM access : Request VM via the infrastructure team (currently leeming and Keiran Wilkinson). Currently supporting basic linux installs, and possibly some windows ones. If windows, you will need a valid + legal key. Providing OS install as an ISO or IMG is desired.

Main VM server is called hackcloud. It currently has 16GB of RAM, 8 CPUs x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5506 @ 2.13GHz, and various scrap SATA drives - 230GB (need replacing with decent ones eventually).

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