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Item R/A Training Required PAT Date Location Status
Cel Robox 3d Printer Blue D/L 3d Printing Faulty
Cel Robox 3d Printer Green D/L 3d Printing Working
Blacknose 40W A3 Laser Cutter D/L Workshop Fault
Cubify Sense Handheld 3d Scanner D/L 3d Printing Working
Makerbot Digitizer D/L 3d Printing Working
HP DesignJet 500 A0 Printer D/L Cupboard under the stairs Fault
Mutoh MC- 650s Vinyl Cutter D/L workshop Working
telequipment D61A oscilloscope D/L workshop Working
telequipment D66 oscilloscope D/L workshop Working
voltage generator D/L workshop Working
weller soldering iron D/L workshop Fault
hp 1741A oscilloscope D/L workshop Working
Sony Techtronix Data analyser D/L workshop Working
HP DesignJet 800 A0 Printer D/L Reprographics Fault
Tenma 72-10480 Digital Power Supply D/L workshop Working


Item R/A Training Required PA Date Location Status
Table Saw D/L Fault
Pillar Drill D/Ll Working
Circular Saw (Rage 3-S) D/L Working
Wickes orbital sander D/L Working
Plunger router D/L Working
Potting Wheel D/L Working
Wireless Drill D/L Working
Circular saw D/L Working
Angle grinder D/L Working
Mortising Machine D/L Working
Router (Energer) D/L Working
Router Table D/L Working
Belt Sander D/L Working
Bandsaw D/L Working
Hammer Drill D/L Working
Wood Lathe D/L Working
Planer Thicknesser D/L Working
Bosch Drill D/L Working

IT Equipment


Item R/A Training Required PA Date Location Status
Dalek BobD/L Residents
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